Sportline Solo 915 Heart Rate + Calorie Monitor

by Sportline

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The 915 is the 1st of its kind to incorporate Any-Touch heart rate technology. Touch anywhere on the stainless steel case and see your heart rate instantly. The Solo 915 doest not require a chest belt, allowing you to measure your heart rate on the go. A single touch delivers ECG accurate measurements in seconds. Additional calorie-burn and fitness features make for an essential addition to any workout. Monitor Your Heart Rate to Accelerate Calorie Burn; Touch Activated Case, Any Touch Technology; Calorie Monitor, Stop Watch, Countdown Timer, Fitness Alarm; No Chest Belt Required, ECG Accurate. Calculates Calories Burned; Any Touch Technology; ECG Accurate Heart Rate Reading; No Chest Belt Required; Time (12/24 Hour Setting); Large Digital Display; Backlight; Fitness Alarm; Hourly Chime; Stopwatch; Water-Resistant to 50 Meters; Calendar; Countdown Timer; Functions in English and Metric Standards; Detailed Instructions Enclosed; Button Cell Battery Included; 1 Year Warranty.

Directions: Lightly touch anywhere on the watch case to instantly display your heart rate.

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Sportline Solo 915 Heart Rate + Calorie Monitor

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