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Body Sculpting Gel. Visibly Reduces Appearance of Cellulite. Fights Stubborn Cellulite. Smoothes, Tones and Firms. Spot Treatment for Problem Areas. Why Do You Have Cellulite? Cellulite develops in certain problem areas as a result of excess fat storage beneath the skin tissue resulting in a dimpled, uneven “orange peel” appearance. Even after weight loss, many women experience the continued effects of cellulite in problem areas including stomach, buttocks, and thighs. Clinical studies have proven that the patented combination of ingredients in Celluslim increase the body’s ability to burn stored fats and decrease the appearance of cellulite while helping increase firmness and elasticity. Celluslim is also an excellent spot treatment for tough problem areas! The Science of Celluslim: Clinical studies show that Celluslim’s active formulation with exclusive Thermoplex Activated Xanthine Complex helps to fight cellulite in 7 ways: Increases lipolytic effect by 630%. Releases stored lipids at adipocytes 1064%. Reduces indentation by 9.5%. Reduces roughness by 32.4%. Decreases fat deposits by 33%. Helps increase circulation to problem areas! Helps tone, smooth and firm skin! QuickTrim CElluslim is formulated with Thermoplex Activated Xanthine Complex, a proprietary anti-cellulite complex that reduces the dimpled, uneven “orange peel” appearance on problem areas such as waist, hips, thighs, and buttocks. All QuickTrim products are manufactured in the United States following the highest quality assurance standards. By purchasing QuickTrim product you are guaranteed exceptional quality. Our formulas, only use the highest quality raw materials from leading suppliers. You can be confident that you and your loved ones are consuming precisely formulated, premium quality weight management products, please visit www.QTDiet.com. Body Beautification as individuals as You Are! All QuickTrim formulas have been synergistically designed to work in conjunction with each other to compliment our lifestyle and provide rapid results with simplified solutions to help you Get The Body You Want! Whether you are seeking to shed a few vanity pounds, drop a dress size for a special occasion or are seeking a long term lifestyle program. QuickTrim formulas are your Slimming Solutions. Creatine your own individualized Body Beautification Ritual at www.QTDiet.com. Lose it on the QT, The Secret You Won’t Be Able to Keep. Do you have a special friend or family member you can trust to keep your new secret on the QT? Losing it on the QT together gives you both the extract support and confidence that studies have shown to significantly increase weight loss. QuickTrim will help you look your best and get you noticed and you won’t be able to keep it on the QT for long anyway!

Directions: Massage QuickTrim Celluslim Body Sculpting Gel two to three times daily into affected areas including buttocks, thighs, stomach and back of arms.

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Keep out of eyes. Stop use if irritation develops.

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