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Carbo Gain - Pure Maltodextrin Overview 

Carbs have become a dirty word with respect to weight loss but it's a mistake to think that carbs don't have their place. The right intake of the right kind of carbs is one of the make or break factors in a weight loss or training program, and that's where NOW Foods Carbo Gain is such a useful product.

Carbo Gain lets you add precise amounts of carbohydrates to your diet, so that when you need to do so, you don't have to make major meal plan changes, or eat calorie-rich carbs like pasta. You need carbs right after a workout, for example, so adding Carbo Gain to your low carb whey protein makes it a much better post-workout recovery shake than without it. Or double up the protein powder serving and add liberal amounts of Carbo Gain to make a weight gain shake. Carbo Gain consists of very pure and high-quality maltodextrin which has a mildly sweet taste and works with any flavor or sweetener. Be aware, though, that although maltodextrin is structurally a complex carbohydrate, it has a high glycemic index unlike complex carbs from whole grains, oatmeal or vegetables. That doesn't make Carbo Gain a bad product, it just means you should use Carbo Gain as a carb source only, not as a substitute for these necessary and healthy whole-food carb sources.

Carbo Gain - Pure Maltodextrin Description from Now 
Gaining weight in a safe, healthy manner can be a brutal task. The outdated tactic of simply devouring everything in sight may help you pack on the pounds, but it will also increase your body fat. NOW Carbo Gain is a state of the art 100% carbohydrate formula that uses maltodextrin - an easily digestible form of corn starch that contains glucose polymers. These linked sugar compounds metabolize slowly within the body to ensure sustained energy during exercise and high-endurance training, delivering the maximum nutritional value from every carb you consume.

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