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The worlds first clinically dosed stack for high intensity cross-training! Your fast paced high intensity cross-training workouts are a great way to build a lean, muscular, well-conditioned physique. But the high intensity and frequency of extreme full body cross-training creates different physical challenges. Thats why MHP, a global leader in performance nutrition innovations since 1997, designed the X-Fit Stack-2 powerful clinically dosed supplements specially formulated for your extreme training. Now, you can conquer your workouts and their unique challenges with X-Fit Trainer and X-Fit Power! X-Fit Trainer Pre-workout formula. Increase energy levels up to 79%, improve mental focus and maximize workout intensity. Increase muscular endurance and increase lactic acid buffering up to 35%. Boost strength gains up to 45% and replenish muscle ATP energy stores. Lower cortisol up to 24% and promote lean muscle mass and recovery with exclusive CortiFit. Increase fat burning by burning up to 12% more calories for up to 4 hours after your workout! X-Fit Power muscle building & repair formula. Patent pending clinical dose of HICA and DAA. Reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Increase testosterone levels up to 42% in just 12 days. Improve exercise performance and speed recovery. Gain lean muscle mass and boost muscular strength. Trainer harder. Build muscle. Burn fat. Recover faster. 4 week supply. High intensity cross-training conquer it... X-Fit! A new era in training as emerged! Millions of fitness enthusiasts have taken a step away from traditional bodybuilding workouts and embraced a new high intensity training philosophy. These fast-paced, high energy, full body workouts all have a similar focus: exercise consistently, keep the intensity high, vary your workouts, restless between sets and push your body to the limit. Thats what it means to training X-Fit style-Xtreme Fitness Intensity Training. High intensity cross-training produces unique demands and physical challenges. Fail to address them and youll be in a world of hurt-suffering from burnout, sore muscles, fatigue, decreasing strength and diminishing results. Now, you can conquer these challenges, capitalize on your efforts and get the greatest results with MHPs exclusive clinically dosed X-Fit supplements, Trainer and Power! Bonus: Fire workout DVD inside! High intensity Cross-training DVD. High intensity cross-training DVD. High intensity Cross-Training (HICT) is the ultimate way to gain strength, add lean muscle and improve athletic conditioning. This exclusive X-Fit DVD includes 2 exhilarating HICT workouts that will help you burn calories, build lean mass and maximize your functional ability. 1. Big 4 Power Workout: intense training circuit (bench press, squat, push press and deadlift). 2. Bodyweight Blast: A complete bodyweight circuit to build strength, boost metabolism and improve performance. 3. All out extreme training: Test your mettle with an intense workout! Added bonus: instructional video of the Top 10 HICT exercises so you can challenge yourself and prepare for the exciting world of HICT!

Directions: See Stock Code (490106 - Xfit Trainer, Cranberry Orange), See Stock Code (490107 - Xfit Power, 168 Tablets).

Warnings: See Stock Code (490106 - Xfit Trainer, Cranberry Orange), See Stock Code (490107 - Xfit Power, 168 Tablets).

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