Cinsay Living Young 2-Step System

by Cinsay

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With Proventive active ingredients infused with ACWE Vitamins and anti-oxidants. Aloe. Vitamin A, C, E. Anti-Oxidants. 96% Natural. Specially Formulated for both Men and Women. Living a Healthy Life Through Self-Awareness. Having one of the right tools to living a health life is in your hands. This is not just skin care, but knowing how important it is to take care of your skin! Eat Right. Get Fit. Look Great. Feel Spectacular, and Have Locks in moisture and repels “ECO” contaminants or irritants. Beautiful Skin! An Important Lesson: Your face is uniquely yours and deserves special treatment. Your face is your “projector: to the world and says more about how you feel and who you are than anything else that you have. We can help you put your best face forward with just a few simple steps. Protect your youthfulness, vitality and joy. Pro-Active Living Well Skin Care & Anti-Aging: Skin Care: Pro-Tect Barrier Lotion, Aloe+ Skin Calmer, Bug Out Body Spritz, Lip Lock Lip Balm, Sunny Day Living Sunscreen, Smooth Living Shave System, and Living Pure Bodywash & Shampoo. Face Care: Living Young Wrinkle Repair, Living Right Anti-Aging Crème, Living Clean Bamboo Facial Cleanser, Living Natural Makeup Remover, Living Fresh Enzyme Facial Peel and Living Toned Facial Toner. A modern day line reducer-This instant line eraser is a treatment to instantly smooth away expression lines and deep wrinkles, with an added bonus of calcium and amino acid fortified ingredients and anti-oxidants for cumulative long term results. Line reversal & prevention.

Directions: After cleansing, apply a thin application of InstaLine Eraser using upward outward stokes over the entire face, paying special attention to expression lines such as crow’s feet, under the eyes, puppet lines and nasal labial folds. Allow to dry completely. Important: Follow application of line eraser with long term WrinkleLess Moisturizer to enhance the skin and maintain hydration. Good for anyone that is starting to show signs of age and all skin types.

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Cinsay Living Young 2-Step System

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