Cinsay Living Active Bug Out Body Spritz

by Cinsay

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With Essential Oils that you’ll like, but bugs don’t! Skin Care for a Better Life. No Bugs. Essential Oils. No Harsh Chemical or Scents! 95% Natural. Specially Formulated for both Men and Women. Living a Healthy Life Through Self-Awareness. Having one of the right tools to living a health life is in your hands. This is not just skin care, but knowing how important it is to take care of your skin! Eat Right. Get Fit. Look Great. Feel Spectacular, and Have Beautiful Skin! Victory over the Elements: Your skin is a physical vessel for your personal outlook. Taking care of you is really an easy thing. Just speed 10 minutes a day dedicated to your precious skin can do wonders for your confidence & your appearance. Even those with fast-paced lifestyles can give up to 10 years. It’s Living Well common sense. Pro-Active Living Well Skin Care & Anti-Aging: Skin Care: Pro-Tect Barrier Lotion, Aloe+ Skin Calmer, Bug Out Body Spritz, Lip Lock Lip Balm, Sunny Day Living Sunscreen, Smooth Living Shave System, and Living Pure Bodywash & Shampoo. Face Care: Living Young Wrinkle Repair, Living Right Anti-Aging Crème, Living Clean Bamboo Facial Cleanser, Living Natural Makeup Remover, Living Fresh Enzyme Facial Peel and Living Toned Facial Toner. A natural blend of essential oils that moisturize and nourish the skin. The unique blend of oils, when in contact with human skin, creates an unpleasant environment for bugs. The oils create a protective barrier that lasts for house. Safe for all skin types and ages!

Directions: Spritz generously to desired areas of the body (even the face-but avoid eyes). Allow to air dry. Apply as needed.

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Cinsay Living Active Bug Out Body Spritz

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