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Energy Bars for Swimmers Online

If you’re a swimmer preparing for a meet, triathlon or other competitive event, you know you need the right nutrition to fuel your workout. TrueCore carries a huge selection of energy bars that are perfect for the specific needs of swimmers.

What’s Your Race Day Strategy?

Whether you’re competing in a sprint event or preparing for a long day of competition, TrueCore has the performance bars you need. Our selection includes:

  • Bars that contain the perfect mix of carbohydrates and protein. Fuel your workout with carbs that provide a short-term energy burst and protein that helps muscles recover from punishing workouts. Don’t forget to pack different kinds of bars for your race day event to avoid boredom.
  • High-protein bars that fill you up during long gaps between events. When you need to stay full with healthy nutrition you can throw in your bag and not worry about spoiling or creating a mess, opt for a high-protein bar.
  • Cookies, baked squares and other bar-like foods. These treats are so tasty that it may be difficult to discern how healthy they really are. Nutrients can be delicious, so don’t hesitate to try something new.
  • Your favorite brands. Buy your favorite flavors from brands such as Clif, KIND and more. Best of all, because we sell energy bars by the case, you can save money on the nutrition you need to fuel your busiest days.

TrueCore Has the Supplemental Nutrition You Need

Energy bars take you through on-the-go days, but they’re not a substitute for a healthy, balanced diet. Browse the thousands of supplements at TrueCore, and you’ll find all the nutrients you need to add to your diet. Make gains in strength, endurance and speed — and beat everybody in and out of the pool. We have:

  • Multivitamins from the best and most trusted manufacturers in the field.
  • Formulas targeted to specific nutritional needs.
  • Powders, liquids, concentrates, capsules and more.
  • Tried-and-true favorites and the latest brands everyone is talking about.

Get Faster With Help From TrueCore

When you’re ready to take your swimming to the next level, TrueCore can help. Make TrueCore your source for your supplemental nutrition needs today.