What Are the Best Ingredients for a Pre-Workout Supplement?

Athletes take time to take care of their bodies with proper nutrition and exercise and want to get the most out of their workouts. This often means finding the best vitamins, proteins, and supplements to aid in the growth and repair of muscles. The benefits of supplements are that many times they provide a quick infusion of vitamins and proteins into the body that would be hard to get from natural foods.


Those who work out want to get the most out of their workout effort. So, why do people take supplements? In order to get the correct amount of protein in their diet, supplements are an excellent, quick and efficient way to supply the body with those important amino acids that fuel and repair the body. Consuming the correct amount of protein before a workout aids in building muscle, fueling the body, and having enough fuel left after a workout for muscle repair. Protein supplies amino acids which, in turn, provide this much needed fuel for the body.

A common source of protein for avid athletes are protein powders. Many protein powders contain whey, soy, eggs or meat products. The best time to take a protein powder is a half hour before any workout. This time allows the protein to begin to break down into amino acids which provide muscles with fuel for the upcoming event. Taking protein an hour after workout also helps with recovery.


Another amino acid useful in a pre-workout supplement is glutamine. Glutamine increases plasma growth hormones and their levels by stimulating the pituitary gland. The muscles release glutamine during workouts and diets. If you plan a morning workout, taking glutamine with a protein immediately after waking or immediately after a workout is best. Glutamine can come in capsule or powder form.

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What are the benefits and side effects of dietary supplements?

As with many supplements, there is a plethora of information in regards to dietary supplements pros and cons.

There is published evidence on many common ingredients in popular energy drinks such as Red Bull or Redline that show athletic performance is actually improved in certain areas. The problem arises when the commonly named “proprietary blends” of ingredients such as caffeine, creatine, arginine, β-alanine, diethylamylamine, tarine and phosphates are labeled incorrectly or not at all.

TrueCore’s best dietary supplements are clearly labeled with the Percent of Daily Value and the Amount per Serving on each of our products so the consumer knows exactly what is in each of our supplement powders.

Unfortunately, published data on the combination of certain ingredients is conflicting, scant or inconclusive. More research is needed to support performance-enhancement efficacy as a combined group even though there is positive evidence that supports the efficacy of some pre-workout ingredients on their own as standalone agents.

Are the Ingredients Contained in TrueCore Dietary Supplements Safe?

Many people new to dietary supplements often worry about the safety of the ingredients contained within a product. How safe are the ingredients? What exactly is contained in a certain mixture? How will it affect my performance?

Accredited third parties who can certify the safety of our food supply can play a critical role in ensuring that each dietary supplement is safe. Many food companies hire third party auditors to ensure that their manufacturing facilities meet or exceed standards set by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and other government agencies.

In addition to individual companies ensuring that industry efforts are maintained, Congress and the FDA are working with third party agencies to find ways to improve the quality of dietary supplements. There are numerous ways in which these accredited third party certification bodies, like the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association (GMA), are working with Congress and the FDA to improve the safety of dietary supplement use. Increasing the number of well-trained auditors and developing universal food safety standards is helping industry leaders develop, in advance of any laws, safe and effective dietary supplement standards.

How Important Are Supplements in Core Training Programs?

With the vast amount of conflicting information circulating, it is no wonder that many ask if they even need dietary supplements in their pre and post workout regimes involved in their core training programs.

According to a study performed by scientists from The University of Sydney’s School of Molecular and Microbial Biosciences and Macquarie Center for Cognitive Sciences, and published by The Royal Society, during workouts the active brain needs to be fueled by glucose and oxygen. When the workout is heavy, the brain may become temporarily fuel-limited. The study also suggested that brain performance would benefit from an increased supply of fuel in the initial stages of the workout.

Dietary sources, such as meat, increase creatine levels, but supplementation was effective in both vegetarians and non-vegetarians to raise creatine levels. An increase in creatine levels increases muscle performance, even in vegetarians who have lower tissue creatine prior to use of a supplement.

If you are looking for core supplements in bodybuilding to increase your creatine levels, TrueCore has a variety of supplements to choose from, such as UPS Labs Jack3D Advanced along with many other quality pre-workout supplements. Visit us at TrueCore to find the perfect pre- or post-workout dietary supplement to give your workout the maximum results desired.