Soy Workout Supplements

Soy is a versatile food packed with nutrients that power your workouts and speed your recovery. TrueCore offers a huge selection of soy pre-workout supplements and recovery formulas that will help you reach your strength and endurance goals.

Why You Need a Soy Workout Supplement

If you’ve ever eaten at a Japanese restaurant, then you’ve probably already tried boiled soybeans, better known as edamame. One cup of boiled soybeans contains about 300 calories, along with an astonishing 29 grams of protein. Compare that to one scoop of a soy-based powder supplement that contains about 120 calories, and you’ve found an effective plant-based protein boost with a fraction of the fat and calories of meat. Protein helps your muscles recover and gain strength after tough workouts, and the more plant-based protein you can consume, the happier your body will be.

Soy also contains plenty of antioxidants, and it increases blood and oxygen flow to the muscles. Soy also naturally contains phytoestrogens, but this compound does not perform like the female sex hormone in the male body — so muscle mass or testosterone levels are not reduced if you consume soy products.

Our Selection of Soy Workout Supplements

TrueCore supplies:

  • Protein bars. Buy grab-and-go soy-based nutrition in bulk quantities and save at TrueCore.
  • Soy powders. Mix soy powder in shakes, eggs and other healthy treats, and give your body the added boost of protein you need to thrive.
  • Hundreds of options from your favorite brands. TrueCore’s selection of soy workout supplements includes popular and hard-to-find brands.
  • Soy supplements formulated for the targeted nutritional needs of women.

Find the Right Supplement Fast

TrueCore’s search feature makes finding the soy supplement you want fast and simple. Search by brand, category or ingredient. In just a few moments, you can browse the thousands of supplements sold by TrueCore online. With the right supplement from TrueCore, you can:

  • Find the nutritional supplements you need to help your body recover from and prepare for tough workouts.
  • Buy your favorite brands and products in bulk — while saving money.
  • Test out the latest formulas before they’re on anyone else’s radar.

Reach your fitness goals with help from TrueCore today.