Amino Acid Energy Boosters

Amino acids are essential nutrients that every person must consume as part of a healthy diet. Amino acids are “essential” nutrients because the body can’t make them on its own. Without amino acids, muscle proteins break down and cannot adequately repair themselves. Amino acids, commonly known as the building blocks of protein, are a staple in the diet of bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and others who are serious about sustaining long term strength and health.

What Amino Acids Do

Your body needs protein to build muscle and heal tissue. There are 23 amino acids, but not every amino acid is “essential.” The essential amino acids — there are nine — come from foods and supplements. The body makes the remaining “nonessential” amino acids from the nine essential amino acids. The dietary protein created by these amino acids build muscle, but they also support protein in the blood, organs and other tissues. That’s why getting enough protein is extremely important — and not just for those who exercise intensely.

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