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8 Ways To Make Your Fat Burner More Effective

By: Ashley Nicole Routson

Fat burners are the one supplement we all want to know more about.  Not all fat burners are the same and they certainly do not work the same for every person.  Which fat burner you choose will depend on a few factors such as your goals, intensity, level of fitness, and types of workouts just to name a few.  Once you have your fat burner in hand watch the weight melt off, right?  Wrong!  Not to worry, I will show you 8 ways to make your fat burner more effective.

1. Get On Track

Like everything, you only get out what you put in.  If you are wanting to get lean there is no exceptions here.  There are no magic pills.  However, a high-quality fat burner can make things easier for you.  To get the most out of a fat-burning agent it is key to get your nutrition and fitness program on track.  This means creating a caloric deficit in your diet so your body uses your stored fats as energy.  What you do in the kitchen will tell the story on your transformation.  Additionally, your workouts must be consistent and intense.  Now, intense does not mean 1 rep max.  There are many forms of intensity.  I am referring more to continuous stress on your muscles with a rep range that will help facilitate your stored fat to be oxidized.  Once you have your nutrition and workout down, you will be ready to incorporate your fat burner.


2. Choose The Right Fat Burner For You

Fat loss products, nowadays, can be found in the form of pills, shakes, wraps, and drinks.  To be honest, the list goes on and on.  If you are not already aware, using what "so and so" told you worked for them does not always turn out the best.  As I stated previously, fat burners do not work the same for everyone.  WE ARE ALL BUILT DIFFERENTLY.  There are so many extenuating circumstances that can come into play when it comes to our bodies.  Just because it worked for your friend or co-worker does not mean it is going to work the same for you.  Finding what DOES work for you is key and it takes a lot of patience.  As you do trial and error, you will experience what works for your body.  All athletes are in tune with their bodies but as I said this takes a lot of patience.  Arnold Schwarzenegger is a great person to understand patience and consistency because as he has stated, "I do the same exercises I did 50 years ago and they still work. I eat the same food I ate 50 years ago and it still works."  50 years and no magic pill? Nope! Just hard work!  So, be patient and learn your body.  I've learned what works for me and I personally prefer fat burners that have yohimbine in them. For those who prefer stimulant free formula’s, you would want to look for ingredients like L-Carnitine and green tea extract.   

3. Timing is Key

Taking fat burners in their most effective window frame can be an advantage.  With your diet on track, timing your fat burners with your meals should make this much easier.  The bottle typically will provide you a general direction and typically it is for a reason.  Follow the directions on the bottle and throw your own twist from time to time.  Do not try to re-invent the wheel.  Not everyone is an early morning workout person and not everyone is a night owl.  That said, incorporate your fat burner into your day according to its instructions and as you see fit.  The fat burners are formulated with appetite suppressants which can help reduce those hunger pains after a low carb or small portioned meal.  During peak week(s), every athlete runs to a fat burner because we need every ounce of energy to get through that workout.  The fat burner will ensure you are not only satisfied after your meals but have a metabolic increase.  

4. Drink Up

One of the purposes of a fat burner is to elevate your metabolism; therefore, causing you to sweat when taking them.  Also, most stimulants have a caffeine ingredient which tends to have a diuretic effect, so you may find yourself using the restroom a little more often.  Due to the increased sweat and diuretic effects, increasing your water intake can help prevent dehydration or slowed metabolism.  To benefit the most out of the fat burner drinking at least a cup of water with each dose can ensure optimal absorption and hydration support.  Make sure you are drinking water throughout the day too. 

5. Cycle                  

Like anything else in life if you repeatedly do something or eat something our bodies become desensitized; fat burners are no different.  If you want to get optimal results, it is best to cycle your fat burners.  By doing this, you prevent your body from becoming desensitized to some ingredients and preventing high levels of cortisol.  For those who do not know what cortisol is, it is "The Stress Hormone".  This means it is triggered by stress and breaks down muscle and causes fat storage during the wrong time of it igniting.  During exercising, cortisol is a good thing.  We want this during exercise but not any other time.  So, to avoid this, cycle your stimulant-based (non-stimulant does not need cycled) for 3-4 weeks and then take 1-2 weeks off.  To gather an idea on when you will know you need a break, if you no longer get that “kick” from your current fat burner then it is time to take a break- not another pill.

6. Sleep

Sleep is essential with any weight loss and is overlooked quite often.  Sleep deprivation can cause an increase in blood cortisol and decreased testosterone, which will hold you back significantly in the gym when you are trying to gain muscle or lose fat.  Sleep is necessary for muscle repair and recovery as well as hormonal balance.  Try this quick study for yourself. Sleep for 3-4 hours one night and wake up to workout.  Take a day off.  Then sleep for 8-10 hours and wake up to workout. (I know! I know! You don't have that many hours) You will see the difference in how much stronger you are.  DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE IMPORTANCE OF SLEEP!  

7. Do Not Just Increase Your Cardio - Switch Up Your Workout

Cardio can be pretty crucial when it comes to fat loss.  However, instead of just looking at the amount of time you are spending on that treadmill, how about taking advantage of your entire workout?  To get more cardiovascular effects in your training, add more sets and/or more reps to increase your heart rate.  This will create that cardiovascular kick you need.  I also like to superset or even triple-set during my lifts so I am constantly getting my heart rate up.  Trust me, you will not be disappointed if you change up your workout.

8. Start The Day Right

If you are really looking to get your metabolism on fire, take a fat burner that has caffeine and green tea extract first thing when you wake up and again 30 minutes before cardio.  Do this and watch your fat melt away.  So what are you waiting for?  Go and get your fat burner and let's get started! 




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