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What is TrueCore Supplements? Looking Back One Year Later

by: Alberto Perez

On September 10, 2014, TrueCore Supplements opened its doors and began its journey.  It is now 1 year later and TrueCore Supplements is growing strong and it is all because of our loyal customers.  We are beyond grateful and love the support every one of you have given us.  As the CEO of TrueCore Supplements, I decided to look back at this amazing experience you, our customers, have given us and answer some of the common questions everyone has had.  Thank you to all of our customers for the incredible support you have given us. 

Why did TrueCore begin and what is TrueCore about?

TrueCore was started because of the passion I have for fitness, and the need to find the level of customer service and expertise that I felt was lacking when I first started out as a weight lifter. For example, as an avid weight lifter, I had to teach myself about supplements. This was done because at times when I needed to rely on others expertise (from who I thought were experts) unfortunately, I often got conflicting information and/or information that made no sense. I remember a time when I was starting out; trying to gain size, and my expert sold me creatine, but never told me about protein (the staple supplement). Staying motivated can be difficult, and not knowing where to start makes the process even harder. When you find out all that hard work you put in at the gym turns out to be water weight.. yeah that sucks. So, my goal is to always provide our TrueCore customers the best from start to finish. The expertise with the service we all deserve, we all need. This is done because I love fitness and believe it’s the core of all things great in our lives.

TrueCore is not just about supplements. The passion we have is in the journey we get to take with every customer. Whether they are new to the gym game, doing their first competition, or an experienced competitor/lifter our commitment remains the same; provide each person: KNOWLEDGE, ENCOURAGEMENT/MOTIVATION, and A GREAT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.

How do you feel about TrueCore’s customers?

We are beyond grateful to every single customer who has purchased from us and continues to support TrueCore. Every order is important to us. We want to be a part of everyone’s success story because we know it is hard to stay motived day in and day out. We want to be there during every up and every down moment a customer takes. In the end, together we can say, “We made it” now let’s get onto our next goal together.  Without our customers, we would not be were we are today and for that we are beyond thankful! 

How do you feel about TrueCore’s athletes?

Our TrueCore Athletes are truly an elite bunch of people and one of a kind team. Ray Reyes started with us and he was the first athlete TrueCore signed (personally done by me). I recall our conversation when TrueCore was barely starting 1 year ago. He and I were at a Starbucks in Ontario, CA and we shared the same passion. From then on, TrueCore has added an All-Star caliber of athletes. The athletes we have represent TrueCore with class, knowledge, and motivation. They have the same passion as I do to help people become the best person they can be. I wanted our athletes to feel like a family, which can be difficult to do with such an extraordinary talent, and I have been able to see them make TrueCore part of their own lives and support one another just like a family. Each one of these athletes has a very bright future ahead of them in this fitness industry and we are beyond excited to share that growth journey together.    

How do you feel about the future of TrueCore?

Our future, at TrueCore, is very bright.  After going through our first year, I am more excited by what the future holds for us.  We are growing everyday and our customer support is incredible.  Every start-up company goes through its obstacles and we are no different.  However, the leadership approach I take is relentless.  Rocky Balboa said it best and it is something I firmly have believed in, “It ain’t how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done. Now, if you know what you’re worth, then go out and get what you’re worth.” At TrueCore, we are winners and we want every customer of ours to know they too are winners. We are in this journey together with him or her and every new and repeating customer helps form TrueCore everyday. I am extremely excited on what this upcoming year holds for us so stay tuned because we have some great things lined up.  

What are some achievements you can share?

Our number one achievement was certainly our first sale. This may sound silly but it really got us off the ground. The feeling of seeing that first sale was incredible and we never looked back. Additionally, 5 athletes was nothing I imagined having at this phase for TrueCore but we have been blessed and fortunate to have each of them. These may seem small like achievements but by no means are they tiny. Little wins is what helps you obtain the bigger goal.

How do you see the next year going?

Just like any business, our 2nd year will have its challenges. However, we have a great plan in place to overcome those unknown variables. We will continue to provide every customer a WORLD CLASS EXPERIENCE so they remain confident on their journey. We will continue to help every customer from start to finish and help them succeed. Our athletes will continue to be an important part of our growth. In an effort to continue sharing our brand, we also hope to be at some Fitness Expos this upcoming year.  This all being said, as we continue to grow, it is an exciting time to be part of TrueCore and none of this is possible for us without our WONDERFUL CUSTOMERS so THANK YOU! 

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