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Why Whey?

Author: Ashley Nicole Routson



What Is It With Protein?

In today’s society we often here a lot of negative things about protein. “ Don’t consume too much protein or you will get fat”, “If I drink too much protein I will look like a guy”, “Protein? Isn’t that what the meatheads take?”.

Well, there are a lot of benefits to getting an adequate amount of protein in your diet.  Did you know that whey protein can accelerate your fat loss?  Whey protein is high in branched-chain amino acids (BCAA’s).  The significance of this is that the liver turns amino acids into blood sugar, which prevents hunger and creates that feeling of fullness.

Another great benefit of consuming whey protein is helping to speed up the metabolic process.  The metabolic process is important as the faster your metabolic rate is, the more easily your body can burn that fat.  Research has shown that consuming plenty of protein can speed up your metabolism enough to burn an extra 150-200 calories per day.

Most people who do not consume whey protein daily are just unfamiliar with what it is, where to get it, and when to take it.  So, let’s address these things next.

What Is Whey Protein?

Whey protein is a milk- based protein which is a by-product of cheese production. Whey has the highest biological value among all other proteins.  This means that it has a higher amino acid content and is the most easily absorbed by the body compared to other protein sources such as egg whites, milk or soy.

Where do you get whey protein? Well there are many places online or around you that sell it.  Of course, my favorite place to shop for protein is as they have a ton of different types and brands of protein to choose from.  The biggest part of shopping for it is going to be what you are looking for specifically. Are you looking to hit a certain amount of macros?  Taste?  The most bang for your buck?  When shopping for protein its important you find what fits you best.  Finding a protein for you is all about experimenting. I personally have an off-season and on-season protein based off of my macro-nutrient intake. You really can’t go wrong with a whey protein.

When Do I Take Protein?

Now when do you take it?  The best time to take ANY protein drink or protein supplement is right after a workout. After you’ve endured that workout session its only logical to repair what you have been tearing right?  Because that is what you are doing, you are tearing those muscle fibers. Your muscles are like a sponge after you workout and need instant nutrition for recovery and growth. Some other beneficial times (but not required) would be right before bed, first thing in the morning and about 30 minutes before a workout.  Eating protein right before bed can help with that “fasting period” and maintaining all of that muscle mass you have been working so hard for.  Consuming protein right when you wake up is also a good way to get your metabolism on the right track for the day.  And lastly, right before your workout.  By consuming protein pre-workout you are setting up that “anabolic window” to provide your muscles with the adequate nutrition so that the effects of weight training are not as damaging.

So, if you are not consuming whey protein I hope this article gave you a few reasons why you should be adding this into your diet.  Tell me what protein you like the best. 

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