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IIFYM - Can This Be Real?

Author: Jerry Burch

Lately, we have heard so much about diet techniques, fad diets, and the freedom of dieting.  Everyone seems to be looking for an easier way to diet.  They want that magazine cover look but without the boring chicken and brown rice diet!  The ever so popular fad diet "IIFYM" is trending right now.  I have decided to share my own opinions about IIFYM which stands for "If It Fit Your Macros".    

What Is IIFYM?  

It's a topic and meal planning technique that most people would compare to a state of religion.  Those who use this technique swear by it, they live for it, and if you’re not using this method, then to them, you’re wrong and making your life harder.  IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) implements a dieting technique that tells the individual that they may consume any type of food they wish as long as it fits there macronutrient needs.  For example, if an athlete needs to consume 200 grams of carbs in a day, the IIFYM idea is you can obtain those carbs from any source you wish.  Now, I know what you’re thinking…. ANYTHING I want?!  According to IIFYM technique, yes!   Yes, is the most popular phrase that has thousands of athletes rushing to the nearest pop tarts aisle at the grocery store to fill their grocery cart.  

Is It Science or Too Good To Be True….?

Let’s take a look at this in the logical light.  If you consume 40 grams of yams or 40 grams of brown rice, do you think your body is going to store those carbohydrates the same as it would 40 grams of a doughnut?  I’m sorry to burst your bubble so quickly but those doughnuts will not be stored the same way.  Foods such as pop tarts, doughnuts, and sugary simple carb cereals, are NOT going to be used by the body the same way a bowl of oatmeal would.  To explain this as simple as possible, a food item consisting of a complex carb such as a yam or brown rice is slowly digested by the body and used generously for energy without fat storage.  When you ingest simple carbohydrates (which means the body burns them quickly) it causes an insulin spike in the blood which creates fat storage.  The fat storage is created because your body cannot burn them as fast as it stores them.  This is unless you’re looking for a post workout inulin spike… but that’s another article of its own. For the purpose of this article, let’s stay on track for everyday nutrition.

So, What Is The Verdict On IIFYM…?

If you are one of the individuals who is currently using this technique, my guess is you love it.  However, I personally think It’s TRASH.  It’s a diet composed of “bro science”.  It gives a person an excuse to go out and eat whatever they wish and think that they can still achieve their maximum fitness potential.  My personal take on IIFYM? If you want to be the average gym goer who only cares to stay in mild shape, then go right ahead, the IIFYM diet is for you. Be warned, when you follow a diet made of "bro science", then you will never exceed whatever potential you hold.  If you want to live and train to your full potential then there are NO short cuts.  The only way to your maximum potential is through hard work and strict dieting.   

Stay hungry my friends!

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