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Jay Cutler Bodybuilder Workout

Jay Cutler is a professional body builder who has produced not only a line of supplements sold by TrueCore Supplements but also a complete workout program designed to meet all exercise needs for a well-toned and healthy body.

What Does the Jay Cutler Bodybuilding Program Offer?

The right diet is not the only way to achieve your bodybuilding goals. Your workout is also important. A great workout is Jay Cutler’s 8- Week Mass-Building Trainer if your goal is muscle mass. Building mass means using heavy weights. Jay Cutler’s program includes a range of exercises spanning eight weeks with each day focusing on various areas of the body. The schedule includes:

  • Day One – Chest. The first day focuses on the chest muscles, including both lifting and toning exercises designed to pump up the pectoral and latissimus muscles.

  • Day Two – Arms. For the best in pumped-up biceps, triceps and other arm muscles, this workout focuses on isolating those muscle groups.

  • Day Three – Rest. Rest is very important to achieving great goals. The Jay Cutler program demands that you rest every third or fourth day to protect your muscles and maximize growth.

  • Day Four – Back. Some of the largest muscle groups in the body are contained in the back, including the trapezus, rhomboid and latissimus muscles. This workout focuses on building strong back muscles to support good workouts and protect you from back strain.

  • Day Five – Shoulders. The deltoids and other muscle groups are the focus of this workout. Shoulder work strengthens the body for good arm and trunk work, as well.

  • Day Six – Legs. The most powerful muscles in the body are contained in the legs, and this workout isolates and optimizes them for the best possible performance.

  • Day Seven – Rest. Once again, rest is important to achieve the best results.

Why Should I Turn To TrueCore For My Supplements?

TrueCore Supplements is dedicated to providing the very best in supplements for your workouts. You must take care of your body with the right nutrition to get the best results and stay healthy. That includes not only the best diet but also the best vitamins and other supplements available. The benefits of supplements are unquestioned in helping you achieve the right balance of diet, exercise and additions to create a strong, healthy body.

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