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You’ve been hard at work in the gym for months and your results are starting to show.  Now Valentine’s Day is here, and you don’t want your hard work to go to waste by eating junk.  

But, who says it can’t be fun to stay fit and eat healthy on Valentine’s Day? Time to get creative and incorporate your lifestyle into this LOVELY day.    

The best part is your swolemate will love you for keeping it healthy and innovative.  Here’s 5 activities to do with your date on Valentine’s Day:


No we aren’t talking about your local pancake house.  Cooking breakfast together is a great way to start the day off right and adding Flap Jacked protein pancakes means you not only keep it healthy but you’re getting your protein intake first thing in the morning.  Your swolemate will be excited that you brought the local pancake house to them. Hello PJs! 


Working out together is a great way to build teamwork and trust. Plus the endorphins will make you feel great and the sweat will make you glisten.  Making gains on Valentine’s Day with your swolemate doesn’t get better than this. Get fun with it! Challenge your date to a race or see who can do the most reps. Loser buys dinner!

Try these workouts you can do only as a couple!

  1. Push Up High Fives: Do a push-up, bending elbows 90 degrees. Push back up to starting position and give each other a high five, extending arm straight out, rather than up.
  2. Seated Medicine Ball Twist: Facing each other, sit tall on a mat with your feet touching the floor and a slight bend in the knee. Keep heels firmly planted on the ground.Lean back slightly and balance on your tailbone, without rounding your shoulders or back. Hold this position and keep core engaged. Pick up a medicine ball and move it right to left, keeping your body still as your arms move back and forth. Your partner should mirror your movements with his hands.
  3. Hook Squats: Stand back to back with your partner and get into proper squat position with knees over ankles. Squat down together and slowly walk clockwise while still squatting in a circle. Once circle has been completed, count to 20 and walk in a circle counterclockwise.

Once you wrap it all up nothing like putting down some Dymatize ISO-100 protein and All EFX Karbolyn for a nice post workout shake. Tell us this isn’t better than a  smoothie!


Get out and see the sights. Nature provides beauty and tranquility that you can’t get elsewhere. This activity is great for those who enjoy quality time together. Keep your glycogen stores hydrated so you won’t get too tired.  No, we aren’t talking about all of those sugar-ades.  Before you go, be sure to pack some Evogen GlycoJect and sip that on your way up. You may just impress your partner by being romantic AND prepared! 


After a great workout and/or cardio session, it’s time to eat.  Bring your partner a picnic basket filled with Protein Chips and Quest Bars to go with those great sandwiches.  What about drinks? No one wants to drink just water so add some BEST BCAA for flavor and to continue to support your muscles with these amino acids.


Learning to cook a meal together is very romantic and fun! This is where cupid intended to bring two people together.  A cooking class is a great way to end a wonderful active day of love!  Not sure where to find a cooking class? Find tons of places near you here. Your loved one will surely be impressed and amazed.  Oh….

And lastly, don’t forget a nice set of flowers (and yes ladies this includes you too). Hand picked is always good!     

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