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Importance of a Post-Workout Shake

Post workout shakes taken correctly can be very effective after workouts. There are three steps to making a post workout shake effective.  The first step is taking the shake within the 30 minutes of the anabolic window.  Your body is absorbing protein at a extremely high rate and any lack of protein after workouts can impact your physical recovery.

Second rule is to decide what to take with your protein.  BCAA, Creatine, Glutamine, and Carb Gainers are only a few supplements that can be mixed with your post workout shakes.  Get to know your body and find what works.  Depending on your goals, each person will add or subtract different types of supplements.

The third step is finding a quality supplement. The quality of supplement is not determined by the dollar amount but determined by how efficiently your body can absorb the supplement.  Absorption of supplements is very critical in the determination of a quality effective supplement. So, people may ask what supplements are taken as a post workout?  Here are a few suggestions, depending on your goals, of what to take as a post workout.  Now that you have a few supplements for your post-workout, go out there and get your fitness on! 

Protein = Whey protein is a crucial component to the muscle-building process. To be considered an efficient whey protein, the percent of protein should be relatively high to its per scoop.

BCAA = A protein synthesizer that is critical in muscle recovery, repair, and growth. 

Glutamine = An amino that promotes muscle growth and decreases muscle breakdown. Many take glutamine as source to relief soreness.

Carb Gainer/Waxy Maze = This may promote absorption of other supplements as well as rejuvenate muscle glycogen.


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